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"There aren't many organisations like the Westminster Society"

“I have been with the Society for only a short time, but have had more experiences in that short time than I would have thought possible. I had heard of the Society through the grapevine and was interested in learning more as its values chimed with my own.

Right from the start I could see that the Society was service user led and focused. It is no coincidence that the first person I met at Head Office on the day of my interview was a service user, with whom I had a long chat that put me more at ease for the coming interview. There aren’t many other organisations like that! The interview itself, though obviously formal, was relaxed, and I was really given space to talk about my vision for the service.”

“The most obvious skill I have found useful here at WSPLD is team work. It may be a cliché in our line of work, but I simply could not run my service without everyone from senior management to the front line workers going the extra mile to ensure we provide a high quality of support. This is an organisation where even the CEO and senior managers pitch in to help beyond their specific job roles. Sure, there’s a chain of command, but we are a team above all. This is true also of our work with all stakeholders – link working with statutory services is better than anywhere I have worked before.

I must also mention our brilliant training department who really do look at our holistic needs as well as the mandatory training we all have to do. They have been invaluable.

My time here has inspired me to want to progress my career here. The Society has a great record of promoting its staff from within, which just shows how good our staff is. It has certainly inspired me to want to have a greater say in running the Society. WSPLD is expanding rapidly, no small feat in this time of austerity, so there are certainly opportunities for the great future.

I look forward to it!”

Covid-19 Update

The Westminster Society calling for equal rights for learning disabled people.

COVID -19 has disproportionately affected people with learning disabilities, however the government is failing to ensure appropriate testing.

Take a look at our CEO’s letter to Matt Hancock - Secretary of State and help our campaign by spreading the word and changing government policy

Read the letter to Matt Hancock MP