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Sami's Story

Hello, my name is Sami, I’ve been with the Westminster Society for 2 years now, I work in Early Years as Lunchtime Cover, as a Youth Worker for LDN Islington and as a Short Breaks Sessional Worker.

I came to know the Westminster Society as my brother, who is autistic, attended the nursery in the late 1990’s. We also both attended the playscheme during the half-term which was fun and I have kept many good memories. Soon my brother was attending the Youth Scheme and I was studying in college. I then came to hear that the Westminster Society was recruiting Sessional Workers, so I applied. Since then my confidence grown and continues to grow. When I was young, I thought my brother was the only child with autism, but when I got to know other children who had similar needs, it got me more interested to learn more. For this I went on to study Health and Social Care at college, which helped my confidence to grow.

Since I began working for the Westminster Society, my confidence with working alongside children with needs has grown so much more, and maybe, who knows, it might even push me to become a manager someday? The Westminster Society has been around most of my life and has helped my family with a lot of things throughout the years. I see myself working in the Westminster Society as a way of saying thank you. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a burden; the staff here are great, I have grown close to some of them, some of them still remember me from when I was 6 years old. The children and young people are a joy to work with; sometimes they can be challenging, but, they always leave you with a smile and I always say to myself “it’s never a dull day here in the Westminster Society”.

Covid-19 Update

The Westminster Society is calling for health equality for people with learning disabilities to ensure they have access to regular Covid-19 testing, and that vaccines are made available on an equitable basis alongside people living in elderly and nursing care facilities.

Our CEO has written to Helen Whately Minister of State for Social Care asking for a change in policy – please see her letter here.

Read the letter to Helen Whately