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Rainbow Ofsted Inspection

BY: Emma Russell


On 24th January we had our Ofsted inspection at Rainbow Nursery. The inspection is to ensure that we meet the statutory framework for children’s learning, development, care and the quality and standards of provision under the Early Years register. We are pleased to announce that we received a ‘Good’ rating.

The inspector arrived and was shown around the nursery; she observed the staff supporting the children during activities indoors and out and also during snack time. She then carried out a joint observation with me and we fed back to each other noting the positive interactions and extended learning opportunities.

The inspector then looked at the children’s learning journals and spoke with the keyworkers to gain a better understanding of where they are in their development and how we observe, plan and assess their next steps through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. She was very impressed with our understanding and knowledge of the children within our care.

The inspector also spoke to some parents to find out about the service they receive and the information and feedback they are given. Overall it was a very positive experience and we are proud of our achievements as a team.

Children enjoy a wide range of interesting activities that keep them engaged, staff understand how children learn and develop, and they know the children in their care well.”
Ofsted Inspection Report


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