Raise funds for us

Danielle and Karen McKenna raised £6000 trekking across the Great Wall of China

This is just one example of a fundraising activity, which helps us to achieve our mission to provide quality services and create opportunities for people with learning disabilities and their families. To do this, we need funds. Many fundraising ideas are tried and tested and bring in much-needed financial support.

Yet, we are also looking for novel fundraising ideas that will raise funds and our charity’s profile. Can you come up with an exciting new idea? Could you tweak an existing event? There’s always a great excuse to put on an entirely new event or add a twist to something.

Ready to take up the challenge? We can support you with all the promotion and any other support you may require.

As a local charity we are in a unique position of being able to demonstrate the difference that your fundraising efforts make.

Contact: Laurence Swan, Fundraising and Volunteer Manager

020 8968 7376


Raffle at Garden party hosted in 2016

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